Chocolat Lego 1

Chocolate LEGO by Akihiro Mizuuchi

Japanese designer and illustrator Akihiro Mizuuchi presented a series of chocolate photos in the form of bricks Legos.

All photos credit: Akihiro Mizuuchi

Chocolat Lego 1


Idea creeped inside his mind, near valentine day and Mizuuchi says “On Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to make a lot of chocolate Lego first and then assemble the characters with the chocolate Lego”

Chocolat Lego 2


Akihiro made moulds similar to real lego pieces, which he used to make chocolate bricks and by connecting the dots, we have chocolate legos with us.

Chocolat Lego 3


By designing every character in computer he was not making it for fun, it was a thorough planning behind this.

Chocolat Lego 4

Chocolat Lego 5

Chocolat Lego 6

Chocolat Lego 6


I am hoping to create something like this with 3D printers soon 😛

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