Passengers Power To Save a Fellow Traveler

Passengers tipped wagon train in order to save a fellow traveler

Dozens of commuters in the Australian city of Perth joint effort rescued a man whose leg was stuck between the platform and carriage.
To do this, they had to leave the car and tilt it together. The incident was captured on surveillance camera and subsequently published on the web.

No matter what but that was a good deed…

Passengers Power

On the record shows, as the process of man getting into the train stumbled and hit his foot into the slot. People who were present at the station in anticipation of landing the residents of Perth  informed driver about the incident. 

Came to the rescue, aid station worker was unable to help the victim, and then passengers traveling helped by their own hands.

People were lined up and began to tilt the multi-ton structure,  As a result, the passenger got out of the “trap.” That is actually a good one.

Check the footage

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