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Remarkable Cars That are not Known to Many

Many of the cars unknown to us are in this article, that can be considered to be the rarest cars. You may never believe that these cars exists that’s why I am included the videos from YouTube.

Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe

Priced at $19m, this car has only 6 clones that are powered with an 12.7 liter engine that is of a aircraft (1931).

Ferrari 250GT California Spyder

Priced at $10.9m. this car has only 36 clones, and it was known for its sheer beauty (1961).

Phantom Corsair

Priced at $10m, this unique Batmobile looking car was built in 1938 and its only one version.

Oldsmobile F-88

Priced at $3.5m this only had 4 more versions attached to it (1954).

Dodge Coronet R/T convertible

Priced at $0.25m, Only two of its kind were built in 1970.

Hope you like the article, do let us know which one these cars would you really like to see in action in this decade. Also checkout our previous article on the top 10 tech cars of 2014.

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