longest turban by avtar singh

World’s Heaviest and Longest Turban (Pagdi) Wore by Avtar Singh Mauni from Patiala

Sardar Avtar Singh Mauni from Patiala, Punjab wears the world’s and longest Turban and probably the most heaviest turban, also called ‘Pagdi’. This amazing Longest Pagdi is about 100 lbs (45.3 kg) and 645 meter when unwrapped.

At the age of 60 now, he started nearly 16 years back and has been doing it successfully since. It takes almost 6 hours daily to tie this Turban as he wish.

Heaviest Turban

worlds largest turban (pagdi) 1

He has won the Guinness world record for his efforts and has break the previous record of Major Singh, whose turban measured 400 meters.

worlds largest turban (pagdi) 2

Surely an amazing record. Here are some more photos of him.

The Longest Turban

Via – Telegraph | Pictures by : Ajay Verma / Barcroft India

Here the video from Barcroft TV

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