Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2014

Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2014

Many times we want to see something like frightening stuffs. These movies frightens you at the same time entertain you. There are several movies from year 2014, and actually a horrifying movie calender. There are different plots of horror movies like  plagued,  vampires, murderers, hackers, supernatural thriller, serial killers, and sultry extraterrestrials.

You always wanted to see horror movies with good rating and stuff. The listing of movies makes it easier to choose one. The list of top ten horror movies in 2014 is listed below.

10. The Green Inferno


In this movie, a group of students was going on mission from  New York City to Amazon. The aim was to help a tribe in Amazon, but a plane crash make them victim and now need help from the helpless tribe. The theme of this horror movie is to make you understand the gravity of risk that prevails when you plan to somewhere that is deep inside forest. This movie makes you aware and helps you out to make some important decisions.

9. The purge: Anarchy


A new twist to “The Purge” 2013. This movie is well known for its strong concept, the high class allows criminal acts, while the lower class is subjected to pains as there is no enforcement of law and order. The movies deals with the concept that if for one day crime is made legal then what will be the outcome. The upper class do crime. The basic idea is how someone acts in this unlawful situation. This horror movie is directed by James DeMonaco.

8. Deliver Us From Evil


Directed by Scott Derrickson. The movie is about a girl who was possessed by devil. He has borrowed from a novel called Beware the Night. An  NYPD officer investigates the unwanted activities going on in the city with an unconventional priest, schooled in the rituals of exorcism.

The writter of this movie has done a great job. The characters like Eric Bana played a powerful role and showed tangible talent into the movie.

7. The Signal


The story surround around MIT students. They were trying to track a hacker that incidence changed their life permanently. He is told that already he has acquired unique abilities. The meaning of all this, is the question now.

It has mind bending techniques, interesting but scary narrative.

6. Stage Fright


A snobby musical theater camp becomes a place of killing. It is a quite horrifying movie, its all about a music festival where the small teen age girls come to show their talent and to make their dreams come true, but a nightmares starts when a serial killer begins slaying at the camp, leaving a  terrifying situation.

5. Mr. Jones


The movie started with a young couple who went to woods to do some art work, but soon they discover some sculptures around them. They started to follow the source in the hope that it might be the  Mr Jones’ work of arts. However, the path lead them to a hell like situation.

4. 13 Sins


Directed by Daniel Stamm, The story about a young guy Elliot who has offered to play a game completing one task after other. The reward ill be given to him at the end of the game. But, he was in trap and the game was leading him to more sinner activity then the previous one. Reviling the suspense in the end.

3. Only Lovers Left Alive


Directed by Jim Jarmusch, This a romantic story with some terrifying stuff, two cast couples met each other after a long time and enjoying the time but all changes when sister to the female couple disrupts the party. The movie is about bloodsuckers vampires

2. Oculus


This story is about two children who are trying to prevent a bad situation that may occur to their family. The story is about revealing the truth about the murder of the lady who is the mother of these two children. A mirror is blamed to be responsible for the death.

1. Under The Skin


Directed by Jonathan Glazer, in this horror movie, a mysterious woman seduces lonely men all around the Scotland. By the time, it is reveled that the women is an alien and  looking for a meal of humans.

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