10 Most Popular Myths about Dogs

The dog is considered as the best friend to mankind from thousands of years. These are one of the important par of an human civilization. that makes like more secure and interesting as well. Thecompanionship of these pets gives huge satisfaction to their owners, as mentioned before they enhancing your home’s security. Though, there are number of myths about dogs in our society.

Over the period of time, various myths emerges out about these canines. And, due to the human nature, these myths has become as established fact abut the dogs.

For the most part, however, these myths are absolutely false. Some of the 10 common myths about dogs are :

1. A dog’s mouth happens to be cleaner than the average person


Dogs are very friendly and emotional creature and mostly it is observed that the dags lick the hands and face of their owners. The myth prevails about the licking is that the dogs mouth is as clean as someone.

Fact: This is a complete myth; the mouth of the dog is full of germs and other gooey things. But, many of these germs are specific to dogs alone and do not harm to human.

2. Dogs are naturally color blind


For some reasons, it is believed that the dogs are color blind and do not distinguish between different colors, they only see in black and white. This belief continues for long period of time, and after the advances in scientific research a different opinion emerged.

Fact: Dogs do have color vision, but the understanding of colors differs from human understanding of perfect color vision. Due to the cone in the dog’s retina, dogs learns more in the blue zone of the color spectrum.

3. A warm or dry dog nose indicates sickness


One more add-on to the myth about dogs is that the dry or relatively warm nose indicated that the dog is sick. The owners do care about this situation.

Fact: This is totally a myth, the moisture content do not point the health of the dogs. Its perfectly normal for dogs to have dry nose, many times in morning after sleep dogs do have dry nose.

 4. Dogs tend to eat grass to induce vomiting


It is now a settled fact that dogs do eat grass to vomit after eating lots of grass and owners of dog thinks that they do this on purpose.

Fact: The exact reason after doing this is unknown but it can be for fun only. By eating grass it does not indicates that the dog through up after doing so. It’s a complete myth.

5. You can never teach an old dog new tricks


Its common to say that an old dog con not learn new tricks. The dog becomestubborn when reaches its old age and lacks energy and IQ to understand new things.

Fact: The old dogs can be teached new tricks. No doubt, the energy and reflexes of an old dog is not good as the adult one but still you can teach a dog new trick. It all depends on the patience on the owner’s part.

 6. Dogs normally age 7 years for each human year


This one of the common myth and mostly people even wear about this. The age of all dogs are around 7 only.

Fact: The dogs grow at very fast pace than human beings, but mainly at the time when they are young. In there later stages the growth rate becomes sluggish. The age totally depends on the dogs breed that varies from one to another.

 7. Female dogs ought to be allowed to give birth to one litter before undergoing spaying


This one of the controversial dog myth, which has led many dog owners to feel that it can have serious health ramifications in the dog’s later years.

Fact: There is no clear evidence for this kind of reasoning. On the other hand,spayed dogs have less risk to contracting breast cancer or even uterine infections.

 8. A dog wagging his/her tail is happy

woman and dog

Its is perfectly true that most of the time the dogs wag their tails when joyous or excited, but this is not same all the times. Sometimes they wag their tail for entirely different reasons.

Fact: Wagging tail is often for happiness but it can also suggest anxiety or even fear, which are result of aggression trigger.

9. Tug-of-war causes dog aggression


Over the years it is belief that the tough of war is one of the common play option, but nowadays most of the people are in opinion that such games causes increased level of aggressive or dominant.

Fact: The tough of war is a perfect game for dogs as it gives a dogs healthy physical, but also psychological workout.

10. Mutts are healthier than purebred dogs


Most of the people think that mutts are much healthier than purebred dog and never think of having a purebred dog at home or farmhouse. But, this is a pure myth.

Fact: This only a misconception regarding the health issues of purebred dog, and many times affects the decision of dag buyers.However, both purebreds and mutts can contract health challenges depending on the prevailing circumstances.

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